Department of Biochemistry


Research Activities

Bacterial photosynthetic systems
Dr. Carlos Gómez L.
Biochemistry in Medicine
Dr. J. Víctor Calderón S.
Dra. Marta S. Fernández P.
Cardiovascular Biochemistry and Physiology
Dra. Angélica Rueda y Sánchez de la V.
Cell and Molecular Biochemistry of intracellular pathogens
Dr. Ricardo Mondragón F.
Dynamics of cell membrane lipid molecules
Dr. Jorge Cerbón S.
Ion channels and excitation-contraction coupling
Dr. Guillermo Ávila F.
pre-mRNA metabolism
Dr. Jesús Valdés F.
Regulation of intracellular calcium concentration
Dr. Agustín Guerrero H.
Role in splicing of the interaction between proteins and RNA
Dr. Jesús Valdés F.
Role of alternative splicing in cancer
Dr. Jesús Valdés F.
Signal transduction by hormones
Dr. J. Alberto Olivares R.
Splicing in Entamoeba sp
Dr. Jesús Valdés F.
Structural studies of macromolecules
Dr. Edgar Morales R.
Structured RNA and its role in splicing
Dr. Jesús Valdés F.