Master in Science Program


The goal for this degree is to prepare people with the skills to teach courses at college level in the field of Biochemistry, as well as to be able to carry out scientific research in the field of biochemistry with relatively little supervision.

The skills acquired by students graduated in M. in Sc. are:

  • Understand the scientific method
  • Understand and criticize research methods, results and conclusions
  • Set up different new scientific methodologies
  • To be able to keep updated in the field of biochemistry on its own
  • To teach Biochemistry and to give conferences on Biochemical topics

Faculty of Biochemistry department will decide whether to accept an application, based on the academic record and the opinion of the professors that carried the interview.

The requisites to be accepted in the M. Sc program are:

  • Being fluent in English or Spanish and to have knowledge, at the college level, of Biochemistry
  • To pass with scores equal or higher than 8 for introduction courses (mathematics and organic chemistry)