10 Reasons to enroll in graduate program


1. Continue your education
Graduate studies are the natural step forward to continue with your preparation after you have earned a college degree. The better educated you are the easier will be for you to find work opportunities and to fulfill your personal goals.

2. Become a scientist
Ph. D. program gives you all the tools you need to initiate a career in science, particularly in Biochemistry, either in Universities or in the industry.

3. Obtain a mind of your own
The scientific method helps you manage and organize new knowledge in order for you to deduce new hypothesis that could be tested. Scientific method is a powerful tool taught here in the department that can also help you deal with all kinds of information to avoid be deceived and to understand the real forces behind all living organisms.

4. Learn how to keep updated by yourself
We know that knowledge is constantly evolving and accordingly our graduate programs teach you how to learn new knowledge by yourself and be plastic enough to adapt to new views and different hypothesis.

5. Discover things
Our professors are active researches and accordingly, they have multiple scientific works in progress that are excellent opportunities to carry out your experimental thesis for either MSc. or Ph. D. program.

6. Generate new technologies
Discoveries in Biochemistry have applications in different fields as medicine, agriculture, biology, drug design, and biotechnology, among others. All these areas of knowledge represent fields where you can make significant contributions due to the education received in the Biochemistry department.

7. Understand the world we live in
All living organisms need energy and scientists educated in Biochemistry study how this energy is transform in complex structures and how these structures modify cell behavior in response to physical or chemical signals. Understanding these principles put you in a better position to grasp the mysteries of life and living entities.

8. Be part of the development in Mexico
Education is one of the foundations for the development of a country. The better educated people are the more difficult will be to be misled. Better education requires first of all enjoying studying, full time dedication and being interested in the field of Biochemistry.

9. Be part of the industry development
Our education in biochemistry will allow you to become part of different kinds of industries like oil, pharmaceutical, biotechnological, etc to have a successful career and be part of the national industrial development.

10. Personal reasons